General Information

Check in
From 15.00. We use electronic smart door locks so we greet guests remotely. After booking confirmation, we send you a unique access code with which you can unlock - lock the apartment at any time of the day. After your reservation period, the code is no longer valid.
Check out
Departure is required until 12 noon. The unique door lock code you received expires after the departure date.
Where can I leave the car?
Cars can be left in the common yard of the house or on a public street next to the house free of charge.
How to get to the mountain of crosses?
More information on how to get there can be found at:
Reservation Cancellation
Cancellations can only be canceled no later than 3 days before the date of arrival. Do this by email only. by mail. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone. +370698 27162,
Covid rules
We accept guests who follow the COVID rules set by the government.
Is it possible to book a party or a birthday?
Reservations for parties, birthdays or any other entertainment are not available. The location is monitored by video cameras and non-compliance will not be tolerated. Thanks for your understanding.