Chaim Frenkel’s villa-museum with a park and a fountain adorning it is an exclusive space in Šiauliai. Chaim and Dora Frenkeliai villa – a two-storey residential house – in 1908. built next to its thriving tannery. It is unique, one of the few in Lithuania in the 20th century. The authentic interior of the buildings of the beginning of modern architecture (Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau), the facade of which intertwines elements of various styles, with charming wooden finishes and ornate moldings. The expositions of the villa present the culture of the manors of the Lithuanian province and the interwar city of Šiauliai, as well as the Jewish heritage. Visits to the museum are diversified by excursions, thematic educations, which introduce the craft of leather, the life of the manor, etc. The villa hosts exhibitions, concerts, book presentations, film festivals and other events. A modern-style park is open to visitors. On the occasion of the centenary of the restoration of Lithuania’s statehood, a rose rose of a thousand roses was established. Every summer, the park hosts the International Chaim Frenkel Villa Summer Festival, which presents various art forms.

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